Monday, March 12, 2012

The Weekly Grind

Me and my boys play weekly. Personally, I enjoy the rhythm of a weekly encounter. Every week is a little different; sometimes you never get to anything you had prepped or sometimes the follow through for the next session is obvious. But, broadly speaking, my week tends to look like this:

Monday is Nerd Night.
Tuesday I wake up with the afterglow. But that is short lived. Very quickly it turns to "How the hell does this move forward?"
Wednesday I think about how stuck everything seems.
Thursday I watch tv.
Friday I watch more tv.
Saturday I clean the house and start trying to figure out what I find intriguing about our current fictional circumstances, what loose ends might be left over, what broad questions/curiosities I have about the players' futures...
Sunday I start thinking about the nuts and bolts of what I consider to be the likely direction for the next session. (Knowing full well that players might prove me dead wrong).
Monday I have one last startling realization that suddenly shifts everything I have prepped.
Then it's go time!

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